Rolex Presents the Ultimate Luxury

Rolex watches are known to almost everyone since years due to their excellence in work. Rolex is a Swiss watch manufacturing company who manufactures high end watches. These watches are famous for their price and their elegance. Yes Rolex watches are very expensive, and since the very beginning of Rolex only the extremely rich people could buy Rolex and it is more or less the same now as well. Because the watches of Rolex are so gorgeous, so elegant and so breathe taking that it comes with a real high price. But no worries people we have the replica watch makers now who are doing an excellent work in making replicas of the original watches. Replica Explorer is a pretty famous watch among the replica watches.
t comes with a stainless steel case and sometimes black or white dial , water resistant to 100 meters, runs by Self-Winding automatic chronometer movement and has a scratch proof sapphire crystal and costs only $220. Another popular model is the replica Rolex Day Date watches. It comes with a stainless steel strap, stainless steel case and a white dial. It is water resistant to 100 meters and has a scratch proof glass. It costs around $85. So it’s less than half of the price of the original watch. This watch shows day and date both.
Day in the upper side at 12’O clock position and the date is shown in the right side in the 3’O clock position. Even though it is replica, it looks lovely! And yes comes with a good quality as well. Rolex Milgauss GV is a part of the Green Crystal Anniversary model. This has a black dial with an Oyster bracelet and costs $7,650 whereas the replica costs only $188. This watch looks gorgeous! It is available in various websites. Keep an eye out for sales to get even better price!